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Elsie Moore

Elsie Moore

Gardening & Landscaping Expert

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As an experienced gardener & landscaper on my own property over the last 20 years, I'm excited to share the things I've learned along the way, as I continue to learn.

Kiesha Joseph

Kiesha Joseph

Avid & Dedicated Urban Gardener

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Kiesha Joseph is an avid gardener dedicated to simple urban gardening on a budget. She enjoys sharing her Zone 9B Inland Empire, California garden experiences, as well as inexpensive DIY landscaping techniques related to both hardscapes and softscapes.

Kiesha's Gardening Journey

Her gardening journey began in March 2021 when the mask hysterians emptied store shelves, leaving her household without much food. There was also a newborn baby in the house, and there was a shortage of baby formula at the time.

After recovering from her own hysterical experience at Sam’s Club, she decided her family would never sacrifice eating healthy foods again, no matter what was happening in the world. She decided then and there that she would take more control over what her family ate.

Kiesha's Garden Is Born

So, she started Kiesha's Garden right in her backyard and began growing her own foods. She’s been amazed at how far it’s come within a little over one year. What amazes her even more, is how much she’s learned simply by being hard-headed and defying the instructions on the backs of seed packages.

Although Kiesha doesn’t condone following this tactic, she is quite proud of the many things this practice has helped her learn. This led her to develop her own style of urban gardening and landscaping.

Ky loves experimenting in the garden, even if the project seems to be a failure. According to her, she does not learn from her successes. She learns from her failures. And that’s why she is determined to keep experimenting.

About Kiesha Joseph

Kiesha, also referred to by friends as Ky – rhymes with dye, by and fry – is a 50-somethings urban gardener who believes that everyone should be able to grow their own foods, even if they’re on a strict budget.

She understands how expensive it is to purchase so-called organic foods in grocery stores. And most low-income consumers don’t even know that buying from local Farmer’s Markets gets them lower prices and certified organically grown, farm-to-table fresh products.

Ky is working toward selling her own produce at her local Farmer’s Market in 2022. She also plans to become a Riverside County Master Gardener someday.

Gardening on a Budget

Her goal as an urban organic gardener is to help people create productive gardening spaces without spending more than it costs to shop at their local markets. That means providing tips, tricks, bloopers and videos on low-cost, effective, efficient and easy ways to create garden beds, pathways, in-ground beds, pollinator gardens, amend soil and more.

100% Organic Gardening

As a child of a Baby Boomer, Ky has been listening to negative reports on such brands as Miracle Grow since the 1970s. During this past year of researching and practicing natural gardening, she conducted a lot of research on what is and what is not organic.

Believing in 100% organic gardening, you will never catch her using such controversial brands in her yards. Follow her journey for budget-friendly gardening and landscaping techniques.

Selby Gunter

Selby Gunter

Peace Corps Gardener

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I was lucky enough to grow up on six acres of land in Oregon. Although I was surrounded by plants and nature it was not until I moved to a small island in the pacific ocean that I began my interest in gardening. 

As an environmental education volunteer in Fiji I got to do a variety of amazing things but one thing I learned then, that I still use today, was how to compost.  In my small village overlooking the ocean, I learned to grow fruits and vegetables, compost household waste and be flexible when trying new things. 

Upon my return to the United States I had a far deeper understanding of how food impacts our health and the environment. This led me to become very interested in vegetable gardening, small scale food production, permaculture and food forests. 

While living in Seattle I finally got a small garden to call my own and began experimenting. From the realm of food forests and permaculture I planted blueberry bushes and an apple tree. For vegetables I have tried everything from broccoli to zucchini. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I didn’t, but almost every day I learned something new in my garden. 

A few years ago I upgraded to an even bigger yard and garden space which allowed for even more experimenting. It also came with a teaching opportunity as I began to garden with my daughter. I believe teaching kids to garden is an amazing way to connect them to their food, the environment and themselves. 

Kids will enthusiastically eat vegetables they grew themselves. So much so that most of our sugar snap peas, carrots and radishes never make it into the house! 

I now use my writing to encourage other people to grow things. I have also softened slightly in my vegetable obsession and now embrace the beautiful possibilities of flowers.